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Course Creators

Using tailored scalable systems

a computer on a desk
a computer on a desk

Course Creators!

Discover the power of personalized coaching and consulting services designed to help course creators, knowledge experts, and professionals in the creator economy achieve their goals. I provide 1:1 coaching focused on business optimization, transforming your mindset, and removing the stress from managing your small business. Let me be your trusted partner on your journey to success!

person writing on book
person writing on book
black and silver laptop computer
black and silver laptop computer
Empowering You Through Entrepreneurial Support

Are you looking to grow your small business? Experience personalized attention and support to elevate your brand and marketing.

person pointing white paper on wall
person pointing white paper on wall
Transform Your Business Mindset with Coaching

Let me be your thought partner and help you achieve the needed mindset that will take you from scarcity to abundance.

Maximize Your Potential with Funnel Optimization

We'll work together to optimize your existing sales funnel so that it converts like crazy and works like clockwork - from lead magnet to checkout.

The Issue Isn't Your Ideas

After working with 100's of 6-7 figure creators, I know that the difficulties in growing your business aren't a lack of ideas. It's the struggle to create a strategy and execute it consistently. That's where I come in!

person in black t-shirt sitting at the table using macbook pro
person in black t-shirt sitting at the table using macbook pro

What People Are Saying

A portate photo of Soph wearing a black sweater with a silver necklace
A portate photo of Soph wearing a black sweater with a silver necklace

Soph Avalos

I'm a first-generation Chinese/Ecuadorian trans person. I find joy and purpose in helping others. With an emphasis on supporting the BIPOC, Queer, Trans, and Neurodiverse community. Everyone has potential. I'm here to help you find and grow it.

My expertise comes from working in Customer Success at Teachable for 3+ years. During that time, I helped countless creators realize their full potential. I spent my time growing the top-earning creators on the platform and building strong relationships with leading experts in the industry.

I've worked with multi-million dollar creators and creators just starting their journey. The one thing I've learned is that everyone needs someone in their corner!


Pronouns: They/Them

How I Can Help

  • Turn your ideas into actionable plans

  • Move past your blockers with creative problem-solving

  • Gain confidence in the success you've built

  • Build a business strategy with multi-million dollar insights

  • Launch new and exciting products

  • Explore new avenues for your business

And so much more...

It should be a hell yes for both of us. If you’re not feeling it, that’s okay!

What People Are Saying

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